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We hope our website will give you a better understanding of our products, overall business and about who we are and what we hope to achieve as a leader in the basic farm handling equipment industry. Our number one goal and motivation is to serve our clients in a professional manner with the highest quality farm handling products available including cattle gates, sheep panels and feeders.

Our team has been involved in agriculture for more than three decades in some form or fashion. We have worked with every type of farm operation and collected a lot of helpful information, that has helped us make our products to work more efficient on the farm.

Cattle Gates Roanoke, VA
Cattle gates
These are just some of the many cattle and livestock gates available today. You need to choose one based on your requirements.

Cattle Panels Roanoke, VA
Cattle Panels
If you maintain cattle or livestock on your property, you need cattle panels to control their movement and keep them safe.

Sheep Panels Roanoke, VA
Sheep Panels
While most sheep recognize panels and won't try to get past it, some can become agitated. A strong barrier can help you avoid trouble.

Cattle Feeders Roanoke, VA
Most ranchers and farmers have two or more kinds of feeders on their property. They serve different purposes and offer several advantages.

Hay Rings Roanoke, VA
Hay Rings
We have installed numerous Hay Rings at several ranches and farms in and around Meadowview with excellent results.

Farm Equipment, Roanoke, VA
Basic Farm
Handling Equipment
To learn more about our basic farm handling equipment, contact the pros' at Rayborn brand on 276-623-6541

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