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Farm Equipment & Products Roanoke, VA If you are a farm or ranch owner or manager, you need to make sure that all of the livestock is contained correctly in designated spaces on your branch or farm. It is crucial to install different types of cattle panels, gates as well as feeders, and you would also need farm handling equipment. All of these products need to be made of the right quality materials that would be able to withstand exposure to the elements on your farm or ranch. As a company that has been in this industry for numerous years, we at Rayborn Brand offer the best farm equipment and other products such as:

Cattle Gates

If you have livestock or cattle on your property, you would require something to control their movement effectively. Sturdy and resilient cattle gates would be needed to manage different types of livestock or cattle, including hogs, bulls, etc. We can provide you customized cattle gates based on your specific requirements. These products are built to industry standards using tough and hardy materials that would be able to endure the rough environment. The different types of cattle gates we offer include bull gates, d-gates, bow gates, and corral gates. The high-grade materials used in this construction of these gates ensure that they are resilient and long-lasting. Read More About Cattle Gates »

Cattle Panels

When you need to keep livestock contained in a specific area of your farm or ranch, you look for good quality, long-lasting cattle panels. These features have to be designed with attention to detail and can provide a very sturdy barrier around the animals, ensuring their safety. We offer the best quality panels which can handle very heavy crowding and can also withstand significant impacts from the animals. The different types of products you can choose from include calf panels, bull panels, utility panels, tie-stall panels, walk-through panels, and sheeted panels. Our team of experts is here to guide your choices and provide you with all the information you require about the different types of cattle panels that we offer. Read More About Cattle Panels »

Sheep Panels

In case you have smaller animals on your property, such as goats or sheep, you would need specific types of containment features. Gates that help to contain cattle are too wide or big for smaller animals. We can provide sheep panel features for your ranch or farm. Our company has vast experience in this industry, and we can design and install different types of sheep panels, including metal sheep panels, vertical rail panels, sturdy connectors, lambing pens, mesh fencing, and portable sheep panels. Also, we fabricate portable sheep panels, which are useful if you regularly participate in cattle shows, trade shows, expos, etc. Read More About Sheep Panels »


Every ranch or farm with different types of animals needs to have an efficient system via which you can feed the cattle or livestock regularly to remain healthy and thrive. We make this job easy for you by providing an extensive collection of feeders for cattle such as- bale feeders, creep feeders, easy feeders, and self-feeders. We can also offer bunk feeders, waterer’s, mineral feeders, as well as other similar equipment designed perfectly to be safe for livestock feeding. Our team will provide you unbiased advice and will make sure that you get the types of feeders you require based on the number and types of animals you have on your property. All of these products are made with excellent, long-lasting, quality materials. Read More About Feeders »

Hay Rings

If you are a ranch or farm owner that has cattle, horses, etc. you would need hay rings. These are some of the best ways to prevent excessive wastage of hay on your property. We have open bottom steel rings, sheeted bottom steel rings and modified cone rings, etc. These hay rings have got long, narrow openings and smooth edges. This design prevents horses or cattle from getting injured while they are feeding. The rings allow the horses and cattle to move the hay around, enabling them to eat easily through the toughest bales. Our hay rings have a robust structure and can endure very harsh environments. Read More About Hay Rings »

Basic Farm Handling Equipment

All farms and ranches need some standard elements aside from panels, hay rings, cattle gates, and more. These tools help them manage livestock efficiently. We offer a wide range of farm handling equipment, including cattle chutes, adjustable cattle alleys, cattle crowding tubs, and cattle scales. Besides, we also have other equipment such as cattle head holders, cattle chute trailers, and vet cages. Many clients procure equipment like calving pens, sternum bars, rolling gates, etc. from us. We also provide cattle head gates, sternum bars, rolling alley gates, etc. All our standard livestock farming equipment is made from resilient, durable materials that can handle exposure to the elements well. Read More About Basic Farm Handling Equipment »

If you want to know more about our high grade farm and ranch products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Rayborn brand. You can call 276-623-6541 or use our contact form to reach us.

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