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Basic Farm Handling Equipment

Basic Farm Equipment Roanoke, VA Proper handling equipment is necessary if you have livestock on your farm. It allows ranchers to care for their cattle while ensuring all the animals are comfortable. At Rayborn Brand, we have a wide range of products that can help farmers manage everything well. Our experts have worked with several ranches in and around Meadowview. They offer clients unbiased advice as well as information about our equipment.

Basic Farm Handling Equipment

All farms require a few essential elements aside from cattle gates, panels, hay rings, etc. These tools help farmers manage their livestock efficiently, reducing the amount of time and labor required. Some essential livestock handling equipment includes:

  • Cattle Chutes – Cattle chutes keep cattle in place for tasks like weighing, medical treatment, tagging, etc. We have crushes that are specifically designed for safe handling and won’t cause any injury. We offer both permanent and portable chutes that include alleys, hydraulic squeeze mechanisms, and lifts.
  • Adjustable Cattle Alleys – Cattle alleys provide a clear pathway for cattle to move, making sure they are contained within an area as they're loaded onto trucks or taken to a different pen.
  • Cattle Crowding Tubs – Crowding tubs help move cattle quickly into chutes, alleys, or trucks. These installations must be sturdy enough to handle heavy traffic without any problems.
  • Cattle Scales – Most farms require cattle weighing equipment to keep track of their animals. These scales can help you accurately measure an animal’s weight while ensuring they’re not distressed by the process.
  • Working Systems – We provide cattle or sheep working systems that include almost every component mentioned above. These full-fledged systems help ranchers with all of their handling and management requirements.
  • Cattle Head Holder – This tool holds an animal’s head in place so ranchers can carry out inspections or medical procedures.
  • Vet Cage – A vet cage allows vets to carry out a comprehensive examination during regular checkups. The cattle will be calmer during an examination if they're in a secure enclosure.
  • Cattle Chute Trailer – A cattle chute trailer can connect your chute to a transport vehicle like a truck or tractor. You can use it to transport cattle or move the equipment around.
  • Calving Pen – A calving pen provides a safe environment for mothers to birth their calves. It isolates them and helps ranchers provide additional care without interruptions.

We also provide cattle head gate, sternum bar, rolling alley gate, etc. All our standard livestock farming equipment is made from resilient, durable materials that can handle high-crowding and harsh environmental conditions. If you're looking for items that will last for a long time while requiring little maintenance, we can help.

These tools are designed according to modern safety standards, ensuring your animals are safe. They have a galvanized coating along with UV resistant powder coating for additional protection.

If you want to know more about our basic farm handling equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Rayborn brand. You can call 276-623-6541 or use our contact form to reach us.

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