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Hay Rings Roanoke, VA Hay costs a pretty penny, taking up a sizable portion of a rancher’s budget. Unfortunately, around 45% of hay gets wasted during regular feeding operations. Many farmers roll hay out on pastures, allowing animals to feed as they wish, which results in a significant loss. Cattle drag the hay and scatter it around everywhere. At Rayborn Brand, we encourage ranchers and farmers to consider tools like hay rings. We have installed these features at several ranches and farms in and around Meadowview with excellent results.

Types of Hay Rings

All hay rings reduce wastage, but some are more effective than others. Here's a look at the options available so you can make an informed decision:

  • Open Bottom Steel Ring – Open bottom steel ring feeders are made up of bars and railings. The ring is open-bottomed, providing easy access to both adult animals and calves.
  • Sheeted Bottom Steel Ring – This hay feeder has a sheet of metal all around the bottom, which ensures no feed can escape from gaps in the lower section, making it very efficient.
  • Modified Cone Ring – Adding a cone to the top of a ring feeder reduces wastage by a significant margin. It is possibly the most efficient way of feeding cattle.

Our experts will be happy to help find a suitable ring feeder based on your particular requirements. Just explain what you need, and we'll offer unbiased solutions.

Ring Feeder Benefits

Traditional hay feeding methods cause over 45% hay loss. Even trailers or wagons are more effective than merely rolling hay out on pasture. They aren't as effective as hay ring feeders and cause approximately 15%-20% of loss. Here's a look at some benefits of the latter:

  • Plain open-bottom feeders cause only 10% wastage.
  • Sheeted bottom ring feeders cause less than 6% wastage.
  • Cone feeders waste less than 5% of hay.
  • All feeders are made from resilient galvanized steel, which means they can withstand regular contact with animals.
  • The galvanized coating protects the underlying steel from elements like rain, moisture, snow, dust, etc.
  • Most hay rings can feed ten cows. Farmers can install multiple rings on their property for more massive herds.
  • While a grinder mixer feeder is more efficient with just 1% wastage, it is also a significant investment for most farmers or ranchers.

As you can see, ring feeders offer several benefits that traditional feeding techniques lack. If you're concerned about rising hay costs, contact us today. Our experts will explain how much you can save by installing a ring feeder.

Cattle Ring Feeder Benefits

Some farmers and ranchers have observed that cows feed on around 5%-15% less hay per day and still gain 0.2lbs-0.5lbs per day in weight which shows that ring feeders don't harm cattle health.

If you want to know more about our hay rings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Rayborn brand. You can call 276-623-6541 or use our contact form to reach us.

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